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I owe such a debt to Alex. I am excited to see that we are still on your website for testimonials: we just celebrated our 9th year in the same location that Alex was a bit cautious about (over the phone - so were we) our sales have continued to rise and we are about to open our 4th store and we roast coffee for over 50 clients in the small area of Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding communities. We still reference the book and use the knowledge we gained from it daily. Thanks guys!  TJ (Thomas Fairchild).


"I purchased your book in January 2003. I cannot thank you enough for the help this book gave me. I worked for 10 years in coffee bars (even in management at Caribou Coffee, Charlotte, NC), but your book went so beyond the experience that I had in order to open my own espresso bar!! I purchased the book because I had the opportunity to open an espresso bar—which I did (we just celebrated our third anniversary).